Wednesday, July 06, 2005

CIA leak case

Check out this breaking story from Fox News...

Reporter takes a stand

Note to self, don't tell Matt Cooper a secret. Sounds to me like as soon as jail time was mentioned he opened right up. He says his source gave him a "waiver".

Should reporters be afforded protection while covering for their sources? Does freedom of speech come into play? I don't think it does when you are covering for a criminal. I thought it was illegal to aid criminals. If you cover for one, then you are aiding them. Right? You are helping them stay innocent after giving away a CIA employees identity. I think that is a crime. And as crazy as it sounds, not even reporters are above the law.

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald told a judge that "Journalists are not entitled to promise complete confidentiality,— no one in America is,"

That sounds to me like these reporters committed a crime then.

From the article:
"Fitzgerald's ultimate goal, ostensibly, is not to punish the reporters for protecting their source, but to find and prosecute the source for unveiling a CIA operative's identity."

I think they are both guilty, but i'm no law student.

Here's the kicker:
"It is believed the leak can be traced back to within the Bush administration. Opponents of the Iraq war charge that the source leaked Plame's name in retaliation for Wilson's editorial."

Is this going to open up a debate? I'm sure there will be some name calling. The anti-war crowd will use anything to their advantage. I read about a group that blamed the war on homosexuals. Somewhere in Massechussetts. Some people....

Anywhoo, this should be a good one to keep an eye on.


Ran into you from Jack's. Lay it out as you feel it, without bustin' OPSEC. Wish we'd had something better than MARS like you've got the web. God Bless.

L.J. Lins, RA11689005, RVN 30Sep69-5Jul71
Sgt. E-5
Taylor, Just found your blog today. I am having withdrawals now that Boot on the Ground has chosen to discontinue. Since Kevin, from that site, is at my Grandsons base I was a faithful reader. I happened on your blog and think that from your writing style I will like your site. I really enjoy the number of pictures that you have added in. I will follow you and hope to continue to understand what you go thru while deployed. Having just gotten my Grandson home from Iraq on June 20th - he was stationed in the Abu Grahib district of Baghdad - with a number of demons tagging along with him, I am still in need of understanding more about Iraq. thank you for your site. I will continue to read.......
I'm here from Jack's link.
Great start, keep going.
I mail packages to medics from National Guard near Kirkuk (FOB McHenry) so reading you is very informative for me.
Thanks so much for you service!
Stay safe.
One dubious aspect of this whole thing is Plame's status. The left keeps calling her an "operative", a term not even used by the CIA, but the truth seems to be that she is not involved in covert operations and in fact drives a desk, in which case naming her is not a crime.

Great blog. Keep it up.
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