Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's getting hot in here....

The temperature was high the other day during a raid. You can see the temp there of 135F. The barometric pressure was 980 mbar. The time was 13:04. I set my watch on my 240B. I'm suprised it didn't melt. Posted by Picasa

Just found your blog via Jack Army. Love the pictures so far, and wish you the best of luck with your future plans. Make sure you stick around so we can give you some cyber-encouragement :) Thank you for your service and stay safe out there.
Welcome to the Blog world from Northern Michigan. Keep safe and remember we are praying for your safety every day.
Same here. Take care, Hooah!!

At almost thirty lbs, your gona get more than burned by your baby, your gonna get a little tired.

I just hope you get to use it. Oh, I forgot the weight of a spare barrel.

Oh well,

Hey, great pics.

Continue the Mission

Papa Ray
West Texas
Jesus, I feel for you buddy. You guys should just bomb the hell out of the country, take the oil, and come back to civilization!

It's too bad they don't send you to a decent place with good food and beer, like Belgium. They would be cool to bomb!
"You guys should just bomb the hell out of the country, take the oil, and come back to civilization!"

What an insightful comment! It's all so clear now. That explains why I'm paying $2.29 per gallon. It was all about the oooiiillll. Once we rule Iraq ( cleverly behind the facade of an elected government) and get those wells pumping.... oh, and get that giant pipeline across Afghanistan.... (has that been built yet?) everything will be.....gosh, I forget. It was something good wasn't it? Or was it bad? Dang, I forget.

...so.... confused. Must...watch...bad.... Michael Moore.... movie...
Found you through JackArmy. Pretty good stuff. Hang in there man. 135 degrees!!!!

God Bless

Did you say hot or hottie? Dang, I forgot. I'm old enough to be your mother. I'll never be too old to appreciate a pretty face though. ;)
LOL anonymous!

Smith, I'm certain you will receive quite a bit of traffic due to those eyes. The icing on the cake is your obvious intelligence. Keep blogging :>)
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