Thursday, July 07, 2005

London is attacked... Who is next?

The link to the story is here, but I recommend reading the post on The Belmont Club. There is some very good insight and comments.

Check out these eye witness accounts from people who were there.

Will this help stifle the whines of the anti-war weenies? If someone doesn't take out these Jihadist whackos, who will? The more we arrest, or terminate, the less there are to recruit and train new terrorists to infiltrate our country. That, my friends, is why I'm here.

Great pictures as well at that BBC link. The Belmont Club comments were interesting. Especially the one about Tony Blair not coming across well because he was visibly shaken as opposed to Dubya and his stiff upper lip on 9/11. I won't hold my breath for the time that men who think less of other men for showing emotion to grow up. :-)
Your right, they all need to be terminated or locked up. Trouble is, there are literally millions of them, and more being born every day.

Until everyone understands we are not fighting terrorism but fighting Islamic Extreamists which number in the Millions, we have no chance of winning.

Israel is locked in a struggle to the death, no amount of land or gold is going to save them. They are going to have to kill their way out of the kill box.

We will have to do the same.

Papa Ray
West Texas
Yes, we are fighting Islamic extremeists, but the acts these horrible people commit define terrorism as it is. So, we are fighting both.

Michael Yon had a story about a raid in Mosul where they caught a few algerians. There aren't many Iraqi terrorists left. They are dead, or in prison. It's the Syrians, Algerians, Iranians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, ect. We'll just have to keep killing/capturing them till they quit coming.
Hello Extemest!
My name wi s Donn a L. Blair , Pleasantville, USA. I am an American of Scandinavian/ German decent. I am looking forward to catching up with my first radical Muslim. I am a canibal with a hunger for my first kill and butchering. Any volunteers?
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