Thursday, July 07, 2005

Someone you should know, from Blackfive

My oh my. This is what being a soldier is all about. Especially in the Special Operations field. What a great story of determination and will power.

With A LOT of selfishness thrown in.
Very inspirational article - for anyone - military or not. Thanks for posting this. I have heard of Blackfive before, but not read it. Maybe I will add that to my desktop and drop by there on occassion also. Am missing Boots on Ground, who was in Iraq with my Grandson - both now safely home.
Good to know that you have been cleared to continue your blog. A delay is okay if necessary, but not allowing blogs by the military would be a great loss. I understand the security risks, but our media is so biased and "sensational story" prone that only you guys can really report the true stories. I applaud you guys for spending, what I know is often very limited and precious free time, letting your readers know what the real score in Iraq is. Please be careful and God speed.
Selfishness? Grow up and quit being so cynical, anonymous. The man lost his fucking arm serving our nation and you think it's selfish of him to want to return to duty? I would hardly call that selfish. That's a very SELFLESS act. Plus, quit hiding behind anonymity like a pussy. It's not like I'm going to see "Bill Bronson" and think, "Note to self: Fire bomb Bill Bronson's house tonight because I disagree with his views on a blog." Don't be a bitch. State your thoughts and leave your name.
Right on Nick Cuskey! I could not agree more.
For a clarification of the above comment, read underneath the original article at BlackFive's blog. :-x
Cuskey, you are a pimp.

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