Saturday, July 09, 2005


I've gotten approval from my chain of command to post all of my military stories and pictures. The catch is it has to run through the public affairs office, which is fine by me. That way there will be no OPSEC violations. I've got a couple stories and plenty of pictures just waiting approval that I'll post.

Just letting you all know what's to come.

Comments: is amazing to just sit and watch your site as the hit counter rolls on. You mentioned a few days ago that you never expected to make an impact. Sorry Bud....I think you may become very popular. I have only been on your site for a few minutes - minus the time I spent checking out the article at Blackfive - and your counter just keeps rolling. I really enjoy the pictures that you post and your articles are an easy read - both reasons to recommend your site. Keep up the good work. Post when you can....but......your safety and health comes first...if you are tired.....sleep. We, your readers, can wait, and will wait. Please keep yourself fit and safe. God Speed Taylor.
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Hi Smith...
Can't wait to see the pictures, and I'll be sure to post a link up at , so I can hopefully help keep that counter rolling...

Keep your head down and your helmet on.
You are already added to my daily read list, and I am looking forward to some great stories and pictures. I think you may be pleasantly surprised by the reception you will receive.
Thank you for your service!
Hi there, I found your site when reading your comment at MDG's site. Great job you're doing. Thank you for your service!!
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