Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Working hard?

Pic of the day: One of our high speed Combat Life Savers administers an IV.

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I noticed the bracelet on the Medics right wrist, any info on it please. I remember waring those for several years for pows in the 60-70's I just returned one to Capt James Warner last year. I was pretty excited being able to contact him after 40 yrs.
Thank You, God Bless.
The bracelet is a rememberance for KIA/MIA in Somalia in 1993. They are available through Ranger Joes. Bracelets are also available for Panama, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
Ranger Joes Bracelets

They are about 8 dollars. I enjoy mine, I hope you do too.
I didn't expect such a quick response, get off your ass and get to work ! (jk) TY
Well, I only patrol 20 hours a day. Since I don't sleep, that means I get 4 hours a day to work on my blog.

I enjoyed your blog. My son is also in Iraq, was deployed in January 2005. Stay Safe, and I will keep checking on you. Hope you don't mind if I added you to my blogroll.
Is the guy in the photo single? :-)
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