Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer update for anyone still looking...

Politics aside, I love the USA. It's great to be free. I am a changed man since returning from my mission. I've grown up and I've learned to see things in perspective.
I finished my first semester of school since returning from Iraq. I ended up with a 3.0 GPA. I could have done better, but I'll say I was still adjusting to being home. I've caught up with all my friends and family and I've done almost everything I had planned on doing when I returned.
I have less sympathy and more aggression to anti-war protesters, and you'd better believe I was one of the many standing proud surrounding the church when SPC Micheal Hermenson was buried in Fargo, ND. I made sure that his family and friends didn't have to hear or see the whacko's from westboro baptist church. I'd like to punch them all square in the throat. If people only knew. I'm not sure if the anti-war people are certifiably insane (ala kim jong il) or if they really are that ignorant. It makes me sick that I defended their right to do things like that. Oh well. That's my job and I'd do it again. Speaking of which, I'm itching to go back. I've got two years of school left, and I really want to finish before I do more military, but I have some training lined up through my unit. I will be attending Air Assault school this fall, and I might take an ADSW job in Fort Benning where I would be able to attend Army Ranger school. Whatever I decide to do, I will always do my best and make everyone who knows me proud.

Wish me luck in the coming years and hopefully soon I will be on foreign soil once again fighting for the freedoms we all enjoy without a second thought.

Yes, there are still people reading:)
And good luck!
Good luck in what ever you do.
And again I say-- Thank You...
hero! westboro sickens us all and i wish they would vanish! i have some choice words for them but i would probably get into trouble for putting then in black and white! anyway! i really just wanted to say thank you for serving and good with ranger school and air assault.....i myself and am going air borne :)!! God Bless and again THANK YOU!!!!
I added your feed to my BlogMil page. Its something you have to see to explain it... www.blogmil.com ...I get several hundred readers every day so... people are reading... more than you know! Thanks for everything you do!
What a comfort to read the words of a former combat soldier who's willing to go back! May you continue to do well in all you hope to accomplish! And thank you for your service.
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What a treat to check in and find a post from you. I don't have any patience with the protester crowd either and I haven't even been through what you've been through. Good luck with school and getting settled in, retrained, etc. Give us a shout more often.
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Added you to my list. Glad your safely back and good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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