Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Day After...

"I, for one, welcome our new Democratic overlords"

I'm actually sulking a bit right now. It's not official and for the most part we're in for weeks of squabbling, but it appears as if the Dems have gained control of the House, and possibly the Senate. Do I think we're in for worlds of change? No. I really don't. The country is running efficiently and effectively, and I don't foresee any way that Democrat control in the House and Senate can change that. There will be alot of talking, whining and finger pointing, I'm sure.

I still don't get it though... What issues did the Democrats run on this year? Well, besides opposing everything the Republican party does.... That's right, nothing. In the long run, that's not good for the parties future. But it also makes me feel as if the Republicans lost this election as much as the Democrats won it.
Will this "loss" make it easier for Republicans to prevail in the "real" election in 2008? Hopefully Conservatives can spin their unhappiness over the next two years into a "need for change" and put up a good fight in the next elections.
I guess we'll wait and see. And so starts the 2008 race. Go.

Here is a roundup of what everyone else is saying:

This from Michelle Malkin about how Conservatism did not lose...

The GOP lost. Conservatism prevailed. "San Francisco values" may control the gavels in Congress, but they do not control America.

Property rights initiatives limiting eminent domain won big. MCRI, the anti-racial preference measure, passed resoundingly.

Congressman Tom Tancredo, the GOP's leading warrior against illegal immigration-- opposed by both the open-borders Left and the open- borders White House-- won a fifth term handily.

Gay marriage bans won approval in 3 states. And as of this writing, the oil tax initiative, Prop. 87-- backed by deep-pocketed Hollywood libs, is trailing badly in California.

John Kerry's late-campaign troop smear galvanized bloggers and talk radio hosts, but it was not strong enough to overcome wider bipartisan voter doubts about Iraq.

And here is a GREAT roundup from Pajamas Media: Links galore that will have you stuck at your desk all day.

... And with all that said I head back to class. Back to Liberal professors and how horrible Hitler Bush is. Sometimes I really hate college.


I just came across this wonderful piece by Bill Whittle at Eject! Eject! Eject!

He hasn't had much to say as of late, but today he has decided that:
"As for me, I pledge to re-enter the fight with more energy, not less, and to continue to try to make the case I think needs to be made. I'll start on that tomorrow."

And he ends with:
"Welcome to the process of exhausting all other possibilities. This is where we separate the men from the boys. Pick a line and stand in it."



You have to go face Liberal Profs, and try to earn good grades? HORRORS! The ROE at college suck - you can't shoot 'em, you can't run 'em over with cars - you deserve a medal!

Heehee ;-)
Seriously, I am impressed at your stamina and spirit. Keep up the good fight, get that diploma, and then go earn that green beret. I hope there are thousands more like you with brains and heart to carry on the fight, since it isn't going to end soon. Thank you for your service - then, now and in the future.
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