Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well, I'm happy!

One small step for man... One giant foot preparing to squash Illegal Immigration?

If you follow the link and notice the picture of "Arturo Peralta" holding a sign that reads... "Why can't our families stay?"
Okay, I'll answer it for you "Atruro"... Because they are here illegally! Now leave.

My views on illegal immigration are simple. It's ILLEGAL!!! Holy christ people. Why don't we debate illegal murder? Or illegal theft? For F**CKs sake! I get waaaay too worked up. So I froth at the mouth, spout obscenities at the general public, and I come up with a solution. Here it is in all it's glory...

My solution:

Pull our 35,000 or so troops from Korea and bolster the Mexico/US border. I'm not a military genius and I only pretend to be when I've been drinking, so in my sober glory, here are the logistics:
The situation in N.Korea is not as hostile as CNN wants you to believe.
"While it would be foolish not to be gravely concerned about North Korea's purported development of an offensive nuclear capability, the actual threat for the foreseeable future is, arguably, minimal."
Defense Tech had a nice little piece about that Popular Mechanics article telling us that we should be more worried about chemical weapons. I'm getting off track though.
Here's the deal. North Korea isn't a huge problem. Take our troops from N. Korea and emplace them along the Mexican border. Pass more Welfare Reform, and use the savings to build some Army/Air Force bases along the border. Build State of the Art outposts at 10 mile intervels equipped with our best surveillance equipment. Employ Long Range Surveillance teams. Patrol 24/7. Enforce strict border laws. For example: Have strict curfews. Have 100% on the spot ID checking. Loosen ROE. (Rules of Engagement). Someone runs... Shoot 'em. Forget Jailing - Law breakers should be shot and buried on the spot (okay, i'm stretching here). Think about it, not only would the troops love the job, but it would climatize them for the inevitable trips back to the middle east. We would be a lean mean fighting machine. Coupled with the stretched thin Border Patrol, we would have COMPLETE control of OUR OWN BORDER! Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

Now, I'm not stupid. Politically most of my ideas would never work, but hell something has to change. I'm sure most people would agree with me there. And really, my idea is not too far fetched. You want far fetched?

Here's the second part: The President makes a public anouncement. Broadcast nationwide on TV, radio, flyers, etc. "Illegal Immigrants have 3 weeks to leave. Pack up your shit and get the hell out of our country. Too hard? Don't know how? Easy. Leave the same way you came. Tunnels, swimming, pick-up trucks, I don't care. Get out. When the three week window is up, if you are caught in our country illegally, you will be executed on the spot by whoever finds you. Tell your friends... the countdown starts today."
Hmmmm.... This could be good. Where do I sign up?

Just a little bit of fodder for one of your next posts: It is obvious that you feel quite strongly about regaining control of the ins-and-outs of our border with Mexico, and I agree with you. But I just realized that my reasons for supporting the militarization of the border come from my strong distaste for rule-breakers. It's like cutting in line at WalMart. If you want to buy your cartload of cheap shit, you have to wait in line like everyone else. However that is a personal preference and is in no way substantiated by facts pertaining to the issue. So I ask the folllowing question with full faith in your researching abilities. Why is border control an important issue and what is the extent of the illegal immigrant effect on our economy? I feel that these questions are important to the issue because any argument worth its salt is backed up by data. Otherwise it's pseudoscience and might as well be done on faith. Now, we both know that Jesus hates Mexicans, but I want to see the numbers. Discuss it with your dad too, for you know as well as I that he's the smartest man alive.
"If the estimated net fiscal drain of $2,736 a year that each illegal household imposes on the federal treasury is multiplied by the nearly three million illegal households, the total cost comes to $10.4 billion a year."

This estimate comes from the Center for Immigration Studies, in a study entitled; "The High Cost of Cheap Labor. Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget." Published in 2004, the url is http://www.cis.org/articles/2004/fiscal.html.

The study methodology was deliberately conservative.

Illegal immigrants use social services without contributing to their funding in an equitable manner. Illegal immigrants are not screened for criminal history, health, education, or job skills. These are categories that LEGAL immigrants are required to furnish information on. For obvious reasons. And if illegals are allowed to enter the country, why limit it to people from Central and South America primarily? Because they can walk across the border? How do you justify turning back flotillas from Cuba? Hijacked airliners from China? Or Sudan? Or North Korea? Or do they fly into Mexico and then walk across our border?

It IS a slippery slope that deserves a black and white solution.
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