Thursday, December 14, 2006

Duke Rape Case

There is new evidence in the Duke rape case. But first let's rehash what's been said so far.

This from Fox News in April:

"The commentators are out in force along with the lawyers, almost all of them having concluded that the prosecutor is playing politics and the victim is a liar and a whore. After all, it was an escort agency that sent her, I read five or six times."

Hmmmm... Liar and a whore, huh?

"To be sure, no one has explained why a woman would leave her cell phone, makeup case and money in the bathroom, but those are just details. According to the defense, she was drunk, and polishing her nails. Polishing her nails? There must be a better explanation, but that’s what a real trial is for."

Details... right. Details usually solve cases in my experience. That or common friggin sense. That's what I couldn't figure out about this whole thing. There is no evidence at all. Yet, on March 28th, we read this:

"I needed to have the information about who will be charged," said District Attorney Mike Nifong said. "I feel pretty confident that a rape occurred."

He must know something the public doesn't. Fast foward to October when MSNBC's Susan Filan reports that:

"The defense has come out swinging once again. They have written a letter to D.A. Mike Nifong accusing him of withholding crucial evidence in the Duke lacrosse rape case. They claim the D.A. has not turned over the contents of statements the accuser made to the D.A., nor have they received key police reports."

Interesting. And when you continue reading, Susan Filan states that:
"But if the D.A. believes a crime was committed, no matter how difficult the case, or how problematic the victim, the D.A. has an obligation to take the case to trial and let the jury decide."

Sure, it IS his obligation. But where is the evidence supporting his/the victims claim?

Well, the evidence is in folks and it appears that the victim was *gasp* lying. Perhaps that's why there has been no evidence against the accused. Now if you read carefully, the evidence was "Buried in thousands of documents handed over to defense lawyers by the district attorney in the Duke rape case..." Now why in the world would the DA want to hide the fact that "not only did the DNA not match the three defendants, but that it also did not belong to any of their lacrosse teammates or anyone else who submitted DNA samples to police, including the accuser's boyfriend."? Wow. Suddently that whole "liar and whore" claim comes around full circle. Not to mention the fact that this particular DNA study was done BACK IN APRIL! So why was "None of DNA Security's findings ... included in its final report to Nifong on May 12"? That's what I want to know.

Something fishy is going on here and thankfully Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina is asking questions. As stated in the Fox News article: "Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., wrote a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Tuesday asking for an investigation into Nifong to determine whether he is guilty of prosecutorial misconduct."

Yep, I'll be anxious to see how this all pans out. At least the truth is finally coming out. I am going to expect some apologies in the coming weeks.

And now the "victim" has changed her testimony once again, claiming she's not sure if she was "penetrated", thus destroying the prosecucation's case for about fifteen minutes until they could rearrange existing charges to fit her new version of what ocurred.

I'm having a good time with the "not sure" aspect. Unless she has a vagina the size of the Holland Tunnel, she'd know. And apparently genetic material recovered from her the night of the "attack" came up as beng from three males, with no matches to anyone at the party that night.

Don't suppose it's possible that she slept with some friends and figured the "residuals" could help her claim that she was raped by some rich white boys...
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