Sunday, December 10, 2006

I found this and wanted to share it...

I found an email that I wrote and sent home towards the end of my deployment. As I read it I realize how much I miss Iraq. I said some great things in it and I'd like to share it with everyone. Granted it's from a year ago, but you get to see how the soldiers feel about the war. Does anyone think that the soldiers want to pull out? Cause I don't.

Hello friends and family,

It's been a long and prosperous journey. I've done and seen enough
things this past year to write a novel. Surprisingly, most have been
good, but there have been bad experiences to go along with the
good. My time here is winding down as I have only a few weeks left of my
deployment. When I look back on these last 17 months, I realize that
I've grown up a lot. I've become a man. (isn't that what puberty is
supposed to be for?) Regardless, I feel that my life is better off for
having had these experiences. I have formed bonds with my friends that
only war can seal. I've read about the relationships made when you are
back to back with a man who you trust with your life. I wasn't
sure if I could form those bonds during this deployment. I now know that I have.
There are men here with me who I trust with my life. I'm sure we will
gather years from now to tell stories and compare the scars of our
adventures. I look forward to those days.

I can tell you first hand that the United States of America did not
start this war. But, come hell or high water, we will finish it. I can
also tell you that we did not come here in vain. I believe that the
focus here should be the children. These kids are going to grow up
in a world never dreamt possible by the elders of this country. Who would
have thought that Iraq would have a democratic society? There is a lot
of work yet to be done, but in my time here I have seen two, yes count
'em, two, democratic elections go off without a hitch. These people
should and do take a lot of pride in that fact. I'm proud of every
policeman, soldier, and government official who put their life on the
line night and day to stand up for what they believe is the right road
for this country to follow. And I can't forget every civilian who left
the safety of their homes to vote and put their stamp on Iraq's
freedom. It's astounding how many people can oppose that freedom.
It's also funny how many of them aren't from Iraq, and don't see the
benefits first hand.

I am glad I came. I am glad I could do my little part to help these
people. And if there is a need for another soldier here down the line,
I'll be back. I just hope next time they don't need me for 18
months. I miss home.

Wish me luck these last couple days. I am not done yet. There are
still patrols to be done before our replacements take over, but I
will be safe
and sound soon enough.

I thank you all for the support you've given to me and the entire
military community. Keep it up. Don't let the guys here forget that
America loves them.

Almost a civilian again,


SPC United States Army


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