Thursday, December 07, 2006

ROE? Who needs it, really...

I know I'm always griping about the ROE and how we need to crush the insurgency, let the troops do their job, win the war, and on and on and on, but here is a great summary along with testimonials and links. Check it out. I guess I'm not the only one smart enough to realize how poorly the "politicians" are allowing us to fight this "War".


Good stuff and I respect the opinions therein. It should be clear to anyone with any historical perspective that what we are doing in Iraq is so far from what is necessary that it is stupefying. We never defeated the rowdy bunch that inhabit that part of the world. That was mistake number one. We fought a new kind of "war" there where nobody is supposed to get hurt and we bring candy to the children. Kind of like a UN humanitarian mission, minus the forced prostitution, sex slavery, and graft. The people in the Mideast are not like us. They don't think like us and they don't react like us. They have their own values and dreams and they are not like ours. We thought they were like us and that is mistake number two. Had we not made mistake number one, mistake number two might not have mattered so much. Because above all, strength talks in that part of the world. And we don't like to show strength because it might hurt someone's feelings.
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