Monday, January 29, 2007

Scary Stuff:

I'm not sure how my dad found this article, but he emailed to me.

"A growing number of young Muslims in Britain are inspired by political Islam and in favour of Sharia law, Islamic dress for women and faith schools, according to a study."

As far as I'm concerned, this is something to pay attention to. I realize that radical muslims are leading the war against the west. It seems that most of us have forgotten that immediately after the attacks of September 11th, Bin Laden said to the world that: "There are two types of terror, good and bad. What we are practising is good terror. We will not stop killing them and whoever supports them."

So they want to "kill us all". And now 13% of youths in Britain "admire organisations like Al-Qaeda that are prepared to fight the West".

I hope I'm not the only one who's worried.



Have you ever wondered that most radical thoughts/actions come from being in a welfare state or bequeth from a rich family?

Osama/rich family. Muslim Brits/welfare state. Iranians Imans/Gov. members loot Iran's wealth of oil(new rich). They have no conception of what true war is but they sure don't care if other's die for their cause. They have a comfort zone that the West has given them. That they can keep up their gig as they play the West off of each other. It's amazing that the biggest whores in the world don't get more press. If these terror bunnies had to work for a living I don't think they would be on TV so much..same goes for the rest of the Saudi's. They treat their actions as a joke.

Just remember: No poor Bastard ever died for his country...He made the other poor dumb bastard die for his. Gen. George S. Patton
I ascribe this whacked thinking to disaffected youth combined with a really intolerant religion. Our European allies treat immigrants as a cheap source of labor but refuse to make them assimilate. That would not be respectful of their wonderful and unique ethnicity and culture. Or so the thinking goes. This policy results in islands of non-Brits, carving out their own little countries; complete with religious practices, cultural practices, and the like divorced from the daily life of most British citizens. It is no coincidence that these people are Muslim, a xenophobic religion if there ever was one. They are ripe for fiery oratory from their imams mixing truths about current societal attitudes toward them with plenty of Koran verse. They are told that they ARE superior, that they ARE God's chosen, that they DO have a duty and they believe. Oh how they believe.
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