Friday, February 16, 2007

Al Masri Captured? Info Here!

This from Michelle Malkin:

"Just across on CNN. According to the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior, Iraqi police ran across “an insurgent group” on the road between Fallujah and Samarra and shot it out with them, wounding Abu al-Masri and killing one of his top associates. They have the associate’s body, but al-Masri got away."

This could be huge. Updates Galore from Hot Air:
Now MSNBC might be retracting their prior claims...
More intel from Pajamas Media says it's a false claim.

Also, if you remember... I linked to this story from the Jawa Report. Sounds like they might have been right all along. That's a hell of a prediction!

This is pretty good too, if you find it humorous that some people in congress still think that it's all about Iraq. I found it via The Jawa Report.

And this is a little old, but some fine reporting from the INDCJournal shows us what's going on in Fallujah.


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