Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Duke Lacrosse, Changing Our Perception:

When you think of Duke Lacrosse, you don't think of winning records, ACC Championships, NCAA Tournament appearances, or Hero's. Wait, did I just say Hero's? Yes I did. From Blackfive, I came across a story printed in the Chicago Sun-Times about a real hero who gave up many good things to serve his country.

"The point is this: All the negative stories have smeared Duke and its lacrosse team. From the get-go, the Duke players were called "spoiled" or "rich frat boys" or "racist and sexist." Nowhere did you read about the positive achievements of the players.

Now you will.

This story is about the strong character of Duke lacrosse player Jim Regan. It's a story that should change your perception of Duke -- particularly because, unlike much of what has been alleged about Duke and its lacrosse team, this story is true."

If I ran the world, Hero's would live forever. But I don't, and Hero's die. So go read the story of a privileged young man with everything going for him who decided to give it up and serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment with the best and the brightest Infantrymen our Country has.

And remember. No one has to be a Hero, it just sometimes works out that way.

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