Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Global Warming?! Doubt It.

Donald Sensing has some interesting things to say about climate change. If you enjoy science, he has some great links and charts that outline some theories about the changing of the sun affecting our global climate. Fascinating stuff.

*-- Here's another good link that was just sent to me --*

Click the link to see if you can pass the ENVIRONMENTAL TEST!

I'm not sure the validity of the answers, but it rings similar to what I've read.

And here is a recent interview with Vaclav Klaus the 2nd President of the Czech Republic speaking about Global Warming, as translated by Harvard Professor Lubos Motl on his blog. The entire blog is good, not just this particular entry.



Thanks for the link.The answers are valid! They are all sourced. You are only questioning because the answers are so surprising given what you've heard from the media.

Good luck in the Army
I have emailed pommygranate's quiz to several people I know. The interesting thing about the way he/she constructed it is that the first question can be answered by nearly anybody. Everybody "knows" what global warming is. But very few people can answer any of the following, more specific questions. Most people have absolutely no idea about the science (or lack thereof) of Global Cooling, er Global Warming, er Climate Change. Just what is fed to them by Yahoo news, or Google news, or AP reports.
"You are only questioning because the answers are so surprising given what you've heard from the media."

So true. I only used that as a disclaimer since I didn't do the research for the quiz. Well done though. I really enjoy using that info in discussion and have reread it already more than once!

And Yes... The MSM is ruining almost every relevant topic in the world today. It's sad.
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