Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Iran Helping Terrorists?! No!

This from Bill Roggio:

"On the heals of a U.S. military presentation which provided evidence of Iranian made Explosively formed projectiles, mortars and other weapons being supplied to to Iraqi terrorists, as well as evidence of Iranian Qods Force operatives captured in Iraq, The Telegraph reports a significant quantity of Iranian owned sniper rifles have been seized in Iraq. Over twelve percent of Iran's Steyr HS50 sniper rifles purchased by the "National Iranian Police Organisation" in 2005 have been found inside Iraq."

And The Telegraph's Thomas Harding reports:

"More than 100 of the .50 calibre weapons, capable of penetrating body armour, have been discovered by American troops during raids. The guns were part of a shipment of 800 rifles that the Austrian company, Steyr-Mannlicher, exported legally to Iran last year...
Within 45 days of the first HS50 Steyr Mannlicher rifles arriving in Iran, an American officer in an armoured vehicle was shot dead by an Iraqi insurgent using the weapon. Over the last six months American forces have found small caches of the £10,000 [about $19,500] rifles but in the last 24 hours a raid in Baghdad brought the total to more than 100, US defence sources reported..."

Mr. Roggio also points out:

"It should be noted that the information provided by the U.S. military during Sunday's briefing, as well as the information on the sniper rifles, is what the military can prove with 100% certainty."

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If we immediately leveled the origin of sniper fire with JDAM's or 120mm Abrams fire, whether mosque or house or government building, soon there would be a lot less sniper fire. And this troubling development would be less dangerous than it will prove to be to some poor bastards. Of course, such a strategy would "lower us to their level", whatever that means, and would never be approved. That vague sentiment matters far more to our leadership and our clueless liberals than merely protecting our soldiers at all costs and defeating the terrorists.
I wholeheartedly agree. We really need to modify our ROE. Speaking which, Herschel Walker at the Captain's Journal is involved in more ROE talk. It's becoming a popular theme lately. And right it should... a change in ROE would win this war in a month.
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