Monday, February 12, 2007

Iran In Denial?! Go Figure...

"Iran Denies U.S. Charge That It Is Arming Terrorists in Iraq."

Great headline. How obvious does the news have to be?? Could you really imagine the headline reading:

Iran admits that they are fueling the fire in Iraq by arming terrorists with weapons!
In other news, US politicians say we should give Iran another chance. /look into future

Yeah, come on here. Report the obvious, fine. But honestly, the libs are gonna turn this one around and say we are making a case for war with Iran. "Hitler Bush is just trying to trick us into another war" will spew from their mouths.
It sounds like the Republicans are trying to spearhead that twist:

"On the Republican side, Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi said he did not think the United States was trying to make a case for attacking Iran. Lott said the U.S. should try to stop the flow of munitions through Iran to Iraq but that 'you do that by interdiction ... you don't do it by invasion.' "

He makes a good point... But since I'm a war monger, I slightly disagree. We will go to war with Iran. But not because of trickery, deceit, or force by the administration. We will go to war with Iran because they will bring it. They will announce it. They will attack us. They will attempt to bring down The Great Satan. Mark my words. It's happened once to us... It'll happen again. I just hope we aren't still sleeping.

And while you're here, grab some coffee and gain some knowledge about the who, what, when, where, and why of the war against fanatical Muslims as brought to you by the Steven Den Beste archives. Boy, that man is a genius.

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