Monday, February 12, 2007

More Info About The Sadaam-Osama Link:

I've come across a couple relevant links while researching the Feith fiasco.

This from Powerline.

"The current flap over the Pentagon Inspector General's report on Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans has embarrassed the Associated Press, the Washington Post and, if he has any shame, the Inspector General. The controversy does have the merit, though, of raising once again the issue of the relationship between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda and other terrorists."

They include an ABC news report from 2000 which has been conveniently forgotten.

And then Flopping Aces puts together a nice little wrap-up as well.

I suggest reading it all. There is a lot going on today in the blogosphere. I recommend at least bookmarking some of this stuff for later reading.

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