Friday, February 16, 2007

Security and WHAM! From The Captain's Journal

Herschel Walker has more on the Security of Iraq and Winning the Hearts And Minds.

This piece really struck a chord with me: (Links Included)

"This campaign of torture and intimidation exemplifies brutality at its worst. Iraqi police and Marines recently completed “Operation Three Swords” south of Fallujah, the purpose of which was to detain members of murder and intimidation cells within the rural area of Zaidon and the villages of Albu Hawa, Fuhaylat and Hasa. During the operation, members of the Fallujah police Department and Coalition Forces discovered a torture house and rescued three individuals. The house had blood-stained walls, and the torture devices included shackles, chains, syringes, rifles, knives, chord, clubs and a blow torch. The condition of the torture victims was said to be dire."

That type of warfare is wrong. Terrorists are horrible, horrible people and should be treated as such. To be politically correct with terrorists is like arresting a child molester here in the states and instead of jail time, sentence him to community service at the local grade school. It's Just Friggin Retarded! I'm going to blame the politicians. If they want to fight this war so bad I suggest they enlist. Otherwise, let the soldiers on the ground do what they need to do. I mean really... Torture Houses?! Are you kidding me. That leads me to my "Eye for an Eye" Iraq war strategy which I'm hoping to turn into Army Doctrine within the week. (kidding... sort of)

Here goes… Every terrorist we arrest gets tortured. Severely. Beat them to within an inch of their life, then drop them off at the scene of a recent attack on civilians with a sign saying: “I am a terrorist, and the good guys are now winning”
I’ll bet after the first week normal people will be thinking twice about helping the bad guys. It's perfect. I'm a genius. Why aren't I running things? Oh yeah, because I would offend every tree hugging, same sex marrying, kumbaya singing FREAK living it this country who thinks that we should mind our own business and the Islamic Extremists will just leave us alone. Yeah, and target the Brits instead. Idiots.


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