Thursday, February 15, 2007

Winning The War- That's The Plan:

Here's a few links dealing with the war this week. The first is an update of the "Surge" in Baghdad from Pajamas Media. Looks like B-1 Bombers have been spotted once again. We haven't had them flying in Iraq (that I know of) since the initial push. This could mean the end for the cowardly islamofascists. Speaking of which... How are the bad guys doing in Iraq? Strategy Page has the answer here.

And how should we deal with these "bad guys"?

According to Joe Gish at the Victory Caucus:

President Reagan said it best: "We win, they lose!"

"Al Qaeda must be discredited, humiliated and emasculated We must find them wherever they hide--they have sent large numbers of jihadis to Iraq--and we will hunt them down like the dogs that they are. No mercy."

"Running away from Iraq is running away from Al Qaeda."

Well then, what shall we do with Iran? As well as pointing out more Liberal Hypocrisy, Uncle Jimbo has an answer that I feel is a pretty good idea. Eventually we are gonna have to fight every insurgency, as they all want us dead, but we must choose our battles wisely. One of the biggest reasons we chose Iraq as our "battlefield" is not only it's diplomatic promise, but it's geographic location. All the fanatics go there to fight. We've been killing them for 4 years. Perhaps it's time for a change in tactics. Say, bring the fight to the enemy? Start running patrols INTO Syria and Iran... Or even Africa. Maybe SOF is already there... Just a thought. And I wonder what else SOF has been up to?

Also, Ace Of Spades has some intel on crackdowns in Iraq AND Afghanistan. We just keep on killing these rat bastards... and I friggin love it!

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