Thursday, March 01, 2007

Glenn Greenwald... Down In Flames:

There is not much more for me to say about this whole deal that can't be found through Patterico's Pontifications, but perhaps the best wrap-up I've come across so far was from Instapunk which can be read here.

This is really sickening. With the whole Dick Cheney near miss thing as well, it's quite obvious that the Democrats REALLY do hate our country and want us to lose this war. (Warning: Liberal Crap Runs Rampant)


I just ran across this which is pretty interesting. If you read the Instapunk post, you would have read about his challenge. Well, it looks like someone took that challenge and came up with some interesting results.

So... According to The News Buckit, dirty language on the left leaning blogs outnumbers dirty language on the right leaning blogs by a ratio of 18:1. That's pretty crazy. It was then updated to include the Democratic Underground, FreeRepublic, Townhall, Etc. and the Ratio jumped to somewhere around 41:1. Wow.


We've gotta up the dirty word usage on these conservative pages! I'm gonna toss in a few. Let's see...I choose grime, filthy, scum and crud. Four dirty words to get the ball rolling!

P.S. Poop.
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