Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iraq, Democrats, and the Return of McGovernism:

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things.

The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.

The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

~John Stuart Mill - from On Liberty circa 1859

That's one of my favorite quotes and I believe it captures the warrior spirit and his willingness to fight. Is society, heck, our Country, doomed when our leaders fit the description of "miserable creatures"?

Here is a must read column written by Peter Wehner who is the deputy assistant to the President and director of the White House's Office of Strategic Initiatives. He brings up several key points in regards to how Congress (specifically on the left) is attempting to deal with the war and is continually failing to actually attempt to deal with the war. If that makes any sense...

One such gem laced with common sense:
Many Democrats believe an American defeat in Iraq is etched in granite. They would not be the first to lose heart and will in war. Yet it is one thing to give up on a cause; it is quite another to advocate legislation (17 different proposals in all, according to Senator Mitch McConnell) that would guarantee failure even before a new strategy is given time to work."

Although one might then ask, how much time is enough? We can give the plan time until we are all melted from Global uhhh... Climate Change, but it seems we need a solution soon. If you pay any attention what-so-ever to my blog, you'll know that my solution involves death, destruction, chaos, and the many other non-politically correct atrocities that are found in war. It could be ended so easily... But alas, it won't.

Tim Blair received a rather thought provoking letter from peacenik reader Chris today which he published on his blog:

Chris says:

“Ponder, for a moment, what you would have thought had you read the following article five years ago.”

US President George W Bush says there will be both “good days and bad days” ahead as the Iraq war enters its fifth year.

Mr Bush has marked the fourth anniversary of the war with a brief speech from the White House.

“It can be tempting to look at the challenges in Iraq and conclude our best option is to pack up and go home,” he said.

“That may be satisfying in the short run, but I believe the consequences for American security would be devastating."

The President says the new Baghdad security plan is still in its early stages and success will take months, not days or weeks.

The conflict has claimed the lives of more than 3,200 members of the US military, stretching longer and with higher costs than the White House ever predicted.

Asks Chris:

“Would you have thought that: a. such a scenario was sheer fantasy; b. Osama bin Laden had infiltrated the White House; c. those nasty leftists were right out of their trees (again); or d. if it ever came true, George Bush would be in jail or shot, but certainly not president? What a strange world we live in! And the Rabid Right reckons we’re deluded!”

Interesting concepts and thought provoking notions, but good old Tim smashes Chris' deluded fantasies of right wing bashing with a simple reply:

Ponder this, Chris:

The war with Saddam’s Iraq lasted weeks.

The war with Islamic lunatics began years prior to the war with Iraq, and continues now, with said lunatics presently attacking Iraq’s elected government - among many other targets worldwide.

It’ll go on a while yet. Choose your side.



Well said Tim... Well said.

Hey! haven't seem you at work lately. I know you're leaving I just don't know if it's happened yet. Oh, well.... Here's my comment: Did you see where that moron Rangle was saying we should reinstate the draft because the situation now is that the gov entices (bribes, tricks, etc) young poor kids into joining the Army with a mere $25,000 and if we had a draft then the richer kids would be forced to join too. What a load of crap. My son joined because he believed in making a difference. He never apologised or made excuses for what he was doing and spoke to everyone about the accomplishments in Iraq and he loved the people too. Charlie Rangle should have half as much brains as my son had courage. How long will this country continue to let people like the Senator and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton propagate the notion of the poor trodden-upon dependant "person of color" for their own wealth at the expense of American unity? Okay, I'm better now. By the way, I'm reading Bernie Goldberg's "100 people who are screwing up America" Check it out.

Stephen Dedalus
ie. dadelus53@yahoo.com
Every September, I recall that is more than half a century (62 years) since I landed at Nagasaki with the 2nd Marine Division in the original occupation of Japan following World War II. This time every year, I have watched and listened to the light-hearted "peaceniks" and their light-headed symbolism-without-substance of ringing bells, flying pigeons, floating candles, and sonorous chanting and I recall again that "Peace is not a cause - it is an effect."

In July, 1945, my fellow 8th RCT Marines [I was a BARman] and I returned to Saipan following the successful conclusion of the Battle of Okinawa. We were issued new equipment and replacements joined each outfit in preparation for our coming amphibious assault on the home islands of Japan.

B-29 bombing had leveled the major cities of Japan, including Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Yokosuka, and Tokyo.

We were informed we would land three Marine divisions and six Army divisions, perhaps abreast, with large reserves following us in. It was estimated that it would cost half a million casualties to subdue the Japanese homeland.

In August, the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima but the Japanese government refused to surrender. Three days later a second A-bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. The Imperial Japanese government finally surrendered.

Following the 1941 sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, a Japanese admiral said, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant..." Indeed, they had. Not surprisingly, the atomic bomb was produced by a free people functioning in a free environment. Not surprisingly because the creative process is a natural human choice-making process and inventiveness occurs most readily where choice-making opportunities abound. America!

Tamper with a giant, indeed! Tyrants, beware: Free men are nature's pit bulls of Liberty! The Japanese learned the hard way what tyrants of any generation should know: Never start a war with a free people - you never know what they may invent!

As a newly assigned member of a U.S. Marine intelligence section, I had a unique opportunity to visit many major cities of Japan, including Tokyo and Hiroshima, within weeks of their destruction. For a full year I observed the beaches, weapons, and troops we would have assaulted had the A-bombs not been dropped. Yes, it would have been very destructive for all, but especially for the people of Japan.

When we landed in Japan, for what came to be the finest and most humane occupation of a defeated enemy in recorded history, it was with great appreciation, thanksgiving, and praise for the atomic bomb team, including the aircrew of the Enola Gay. A half million American homes had been spared the Gold Star flag, including, I'm sure, my own.

Whenever I hear the apologists expressing guilt and shame for A-bombing and ending the war Japan had started (they ignore the cause-effect relation between Pearl Harbor and Nagasaki), I have noted that neither the effete critics nor the puff-adder politicians are among us in the assault landing-craft or the stinking rice paddies of their suggested alternative, "conventional" warfare. Stammering reluctance is obvious and continuous, but they do love to pontificate about the Rights that others, and the Bomb, have bought and preserved for them.

The vanities of ignorance and camouflaged cowardice abound as license for the assertion of virtuous "rights" purchased by the blood of others - those others who have borne the burden and physical expense of Rights whining apologists so casually and self-righteously claim.

At best, these fakers manifest a profound and cryptic ignorance of causal relations, myopic perception, and dull I.Q. At worst, there is a word and description in The Constitution defining those who love the enemy more than they love their own countrymen and their own posterity. Every Yankee Doodle Dandy knows what that word is.

In 1945, America was the only nation in the world with the Bomb and it behaved responsibly and respectfully. It remained so until two among us betrayed it to the Kremlin. Still, this American weapon system has been the prime deterrent to earth's latest model world- tyranny: Seventy years of Soviet collectivist definition, coercion, and domination of individual human beings.

The message is this: Trust Freedom. Remember, tyrants never learn. The restriction of Freedom is the limitation of human choice, and choice is the fulcrum-point of the creative process in human affairs. As earth's choicemaker, it is our human identity on nature's beautiful blue planet and the natural premise of man's free institutions, environments, and respectful relations with one another. Made in the image of our Creator, free men choose, create, and progress - or die.

Free men should not fear the moon-god-crowd oppressor nor choose any of his ways. Recall with a confident Job and a victorious David, "Know ye not you are in league with the stones of the field?"

Semper Fidelis
Jim Baxter
WW II and Korean War

Job 5:23 Proverbs 3:31 I Samuel 17:40

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